12 May 2007

The Quadrangle
Sainik School,Bijapur has undergone lot of changes in the last few years.A face lift of the campus is a visible one.

The Vehicle Park

The Class Rooms

The Bio and Chem Lab

The Painted and the beautiful

Buildings in the midst of Greenary
Background of the blue sky

The Quadrangle

Main building from inside the Quadrangle

From the Hockey Ground

Sainik Schools, established as a joint venture of the Central and State Governments in the early sixties are functioning with the tangible aim of making the officers’ cadre of the armed forces accessible to all sections of the society.

The Front View

The objective of Sainik Schools is to bring public school education within the reach of
the common people and to cater to their educational aspirations not only to prepare
them for entry into National Defence Academy (NDA) but also directed to provide an educational background aimed at an all-round grooming of personality.

The Front View

The Side View

The Front View of the entrance

In about four decades of their existence these schools have been able to create an impression of quality and fairness which now finds many takers. In 2003, two new Sainik Schools were established in Bihar and two more schools one each in Nagaland and Mizoram are likely to become functional by 2008-09 which will take the total number of Sainik Schools to 22.


sanjeev said...

sir the blog is good it will bring more parents to send their wards to school.
the phooes are good and tell nore about the overall devolopenemt of students.
sir please include a smill video showing a clip of experence that student get when they take these fecilities..

Ajit Deshpande said...

Sir, You have put in tremendous effort to compile this blog out of your own intrest.

This itself tells the world, how innovative are the teachers of the school.

Raghuram K said...

kudos to vijayakumar sir.... nice to see the blog....

sanjeev said...

Hearty compliments to you.
Its an excellent effort. It only shows what an Ajeet is made of. The photographs are good and tell more about the overall development of students. These refresh our memories.

Karthik said...

Dear Sir,
That was a nice blog.Only I thing I feel should be corrected is the extra-large font at the end of the blog.
Rest was fine.Nice work sir.


I thank Sanjeev,Ajit Deshpande,Raghuram K and Karthik for your appreciation of the content and Quality of the blog.It is under continued revision and updation.I thank you for the suggestion.Suggestions are used for immediate improvement.
With Regards

Anonymous said...

its wonderful sir.......
my family too enjoyed it........
thank you sir......

shashikiran said...

sir, its very nice to see the blog...........superb photos.......... felt as if i m there...........! missing school very much.

Mahantesh said...

Really appreciate the effort in bulding the content which depicts SSBJ.Thx Sir
Pics take us back to our school days.


Thanks Shashi and Mahantesh

Anonymous said...

Its great to see the photos. I left the school 17 years back. But sweet memories are fresh in my mind including the first day of school.

Beat wishes from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

sanjay said...

Than X for the academic staff and adminitration staff , you have made immense contribution to the society in Karnataka, India. Surely students coming from this school (ajeets ) are great . I'll surely pay visit to the school.
Sanjay S Hiremath
Roll No 1323
Vijayanagar House